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General Effects For The Week Of October 16-22



We start the week with Juno’s transition into Virgo. Juno is an important asteroid for serious relationships. Juno will travel in Virgo between October 17, 2023 and August 9, 2024. In this process, the one who is in the love-requires-effort mode will be the winner. Relationships that do not meet this feeling-behavior are likely to end because they are relationships that have already expired and are playing for extensions. If your spouse or partner is in a difficult situation, you should be there for them financially and morally, and you should provide your support under all circumstances. It is normal for you to be more meticulous and scrutinize your relationships during this period. On October 22, Mercury will move into Scorpio. Mercury in Scorpio is the most obsessive and obsessive form of Mercury. We can be extremely suspicious and even attribute it to paranoia. Beware of! The important thing here is to use the investigative aspect of Mercury in Scorpio. Focusing on a topic, an event, digging deeper and finding answers that we have not been able to find so far, or completing the research we need to do, will perhaps take us to a very different point than we are now. We are in a very suitable period for this kind of work. Success will be inevitable The Sun-Gad conjunction will occur on October 18. While this angle reveals the power, talents and abilities within us, on the other hand, it will reveal karma-based events. The Mercury-Gad conjunction will take place on October 19. While this conjunction brings up karmic related events, it will make it easier to access past life information. At the same time, it will be to our benefit to take precautions against the risk of harm in communication areas. The Sun-Mercury conjunction will occur on October 20. This angle will increase the ability to focus, mental activity and communication abilities. The Venus-Jupiter triangle will occur on October 22nd and this angle is one of the most beautiful angles of October. It is a suitable period for making profits in matters such as finance, trading and investment. The Mercury-Saturn triangle will also occur on October 22. This angle will provide us with a comfortable flow during the week. It will give us the opportunity to evaluate the work we have started within the framework of reason and logic. Angle patterns are effective for +/-5 days.

Let’s talk about its effects on our rising signs:

ARIES: Aries who are not in a relationship may start a relationship with someone from their business circle this period and this relationship may turn serious. You are in a period where you will be tighter about money and expenses and will make every penny you spend count. It is possible that you will be extremely suspicious of the people around you in business, communication and financial matters. You should be careful about communication problems in your business life and take the necessary precautions. Since you are in a period where you will be mentally active, you can complete projects that are waiting to be completed or generate new ideas and expand your business. . There may be developments that will make you happy in your work and finances. There may be a karmic reckoning with your spouse, partner or partner. There will be developments regarding your work that has been left in the background.

TAURUS: You may meet your destined spouse or turn your attention towards marriage in your current relationship. You are in a period where your communication language with your spouse, partner and partnerships will be sharpened and you may have aggressive attitudes. Since this process will take approximately 1 month, it will be in your best interest to stay as calm as possible. Additionally, you may be in the mood to search for something under every word, just like looking for a calf under an ox, so it will be good for you to stay calm and meditate a lot in order not to strain your relationships. . It is possible that you will experience financial developments after the karmic showdowns you will experience in your business life. Maybe there will be a better job. You may find yourself more at the forefront regarding the work you have attempted before, on and after October 22. These developments will allow you to make your voice heard in social media.

GEMINI: There will be a period when single Gemini people’s desire to start a family increases. You are in a period where you will be more active than you are in your business life. You are in a period where your mental activity is very intense and you can produce projects that will surprise even you. Use this period well. Gemini zodiac signs who are interested in communication, performing arts and the fashion industry will be in the spotlight with the work they do during this period and will impress and make people talk about themselves. Again, it is possible that you will experience minor setbacks related to these issues. There will be situations such as signatures and agreements regarding your children and your career. Some Gemini zodiac signs will have very active days with their children’s engagement, engagement, and meeting. Having positive developments about your spouse or partner that remain in the background will create happiness in the family.

CANCER: It is possible that you will experience interesting events this period. For example, you may find the man/woman of your life in traffic, like a Turkish movie. There is a situation of being obsessive in your love life, be careful about this issue. Do not tire the other person out by looking for something underlying every event that happens between you and your partner. . Don’t worry about yourself and tire yourself out mentally. Especially female Scorpios are prone to depression during this period, so be careful. Meditate a lot, keep busy or take a walk. It seems likely that you will experience karmic events regarding matters concerning your family, and you may decide to carry out commercial ventures and communication-based work within the family. Unexpected payments may arise. You are in a period where you receive support for matters such as work abroad, travels, and education.

LEO: Married Leos are in a period when they tend to cause problems in the family with their suspicious attitudes. Knowing this, I advise you to filter your mind before exhibiting these behaviors and act accordingly. There seems to be a possibility of experiencing the same problem in your social circle and financial areas. Leos who deal with business such as trade, media, communication, organization, press, printing and journalism are likely to experience karmic events related to these issues. It will be an interesting period in which they will experience loss and gain at the same time. It will also be beneficial for you to be careful in traffic. You are in a period where good developments will occur in your career and money. Situations such as promotions and raises seem possible. Leos who are considering starting a business have the support of the sky. There are also bilateral partnerships.

VIRGO: Your ideas about marriage are likely to change this period. It is possible that this is the period when single people look favorably on marriage and married people return to their sweet months. It will be a good period for Virgos who are thinking of changing jobs or starting a business. . They are in a process where they will carefully think about entering into business. They will examine everything down to the smallest detail. They can start new courses related to education. They can also receive training regarding the job they will do. It is possible to earn money from foreign-related businesses. It seems likely that your spouse’s income will also increase. You are also in a lucky period regarding your initiatives regarding your spouse, applications, etc. This period, events that will change the course of their lives will be waiting for Virgos who have initiatives related to academic education.

LIBRA: You can start a serious relationship with someone you said never. You are in a period when financial expenses related to international travel and academic education will increase. You may have a headache in the future regarding a payment you forgot or did not care about. There is a change in your social environment. It is possible that you will part ways with some of your friends who need to leave your life. Consider the possibility of incurring losses if you engage in secret and illegal transactions regarding payments. You are in a period where your earnings from commercial work will increase and you will expand your business. You are in a process where your restricted business will be opened up and developments such as opening up abroad will occur. Libras, who are interested in performing arts, will be lucky in the deals they make, contracts, etc. and will expand abroad.

SCORPIO: You can start a serious relationship with someone from your social circle. You are in a period when you are very mentally active and can generate different ideas. But be careful not to get too delusional as your mental activity increases. It will be to your advantage to use this situation for production. . You are especially in the right period to finish and implement the projects that you left unfinished in your business life or shelved while waiting to be completed. You are in the period where you can get information about your past lives from your dreams. You can make serious profits by establishing a partnership and using your social circle. You will be in a period where your sociality increases. Being at the forefront in every aspect of your circle will increase your popularity.

SAGITTARIUS: Single Sagittarians may start a serious relationship with someone in their business circle. Avoid being drawn into secret matters regarding your career, partners and spouse. Do not get involved in events such as forbidden love, especially in your work environment. . You are in a period when you are very lucky in matters concerning your career and business. Make the most of it. The sky’s support will be behind you in matters such as promotion, raise, starting a business, expanding your business. Those who are active in organizations such as associations and foundations may experience losses and damages related to the issues they are interested in. This is the period when Sagittarians with thyroid problems need to have the necessary check-ups and take care of their health.

CAPRICORN: It is possible for single Capricorns to start a serious relationship with someone from the university environment or a foreign national. Those who start a relationship with a foreign national may have to change their country. This is the period when Capricorns, who continue their academic education, will deepen their education within the framework of the education they receive and job doors will open wide for them in their fields. Especially in the field of career, there are jobs and initiatives related to abroad. It seems likely that you may experience problems due to your suspicious attitude in your circle of friends. It is possible for unemployed Capricorns to get a job thanks to their circle of friends. You are in the process where you need to be very careful about the comments you make on social media. It is possible that your sibling, cousin, neighbor or close circle will take your side in the developments regarding the issue you are competing with.

AQUARIUS: You are at a time when you are stronger in your career and you will have a say. You are in the process where your mind works in depth and produces new ideas about your work. You can start a serious relationship with someone from the environment where money accounts revolve. Like the accounting environment, the bank environment… Aquarius signs that make foreign plans may have to cancel their trips. They are in the process where their mental activities are strengthened in terms of academic education and they are in the mode of submitting themselves to educational programs. You have a period ahead of you in which there will be positive developments concerning your family and home. You can buy a house or sell a property that you have not been able to sell for a long time. It seems that Aquarius people who have legal cases are in a process where they will experience important developments and it is possible that they will get results in their favor.

PISCES: Pisces who are in a relationship can take the first step towards marriage, such as an engagement or a promise… It is even possible that this person is a foreign national. Some Pisces may go abroad for settlement or education. Since you are likely to experience financial losses, you should be careful in every step you take and make an income and expense statement, this is the period when you need to stretch your legs according to your comforter. When making payments, especially if you use communication networks such as internet banking, you should be very careful and take the necessary precautions. There is a period ahead of you in which important developments will occur in matters concerning your career and you will take important steps yourself. You are in a period where you will receive support from your social circle in your existing legal cases.

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