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14 October 2023 Solar Eclipse And Its General Effects



As we enter October, the most important month of 2023, the eclipse season has begun. There are an average of 4 eclipses every year. We experience two solar and two lunar eclipses. Some years this number goes up to 7. We have left behind one solar and one lunar eclipse of 2023. (April 20, 2023 and May 5, 2023) We will experience two more eclipses on October 14 and October 28. On October 14, 2023, we will experience the last solar eclipse of 2023 at 21 degrees Libra. Partial (annular) eclipse will not be watched from Turkey, but will be watched from regions such as the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Belize. The eclipse will be on the side of Mercury and the South Node, which causes trouble, and Pluto and Chiron will make a square angle to the eclipse, which will make things a little more difficult. The eclipse will last approximately 5.5 hours, and we will experience its effects for approximately 6 years. This energy will repeat every time the eclipse degree is triggered. Eclipses are very powerful energies and are periods that enable fateful effects to occur in our lives. In fact, these are the periods when our willpower is disabled. The process that started in 2004 ends with this eclipse and a new 18.5-year cycle begins in our lives. The main theme of the eclipse will be relationships, balance and justice. Libra is a sign related to the balance of I-we, giving and receiving. Our relationships that harm us but are addictive and that we cannot end will end and make room for new ones. The eclipse will be on the fixed star Foramen. The Foramen fixed star describes the success that comes after destruction. As a result, there will be endings and endings with eclipse in relationships and situations that are shaky in relationships, partnerships, marriages, political issues and that play out the extensions. What is important is the lessons we learned from these endings. Every destruction is a lesson, every lesson is a new beginning.

Let’s talk about its effects on our rising signs.

ARIES: Your relationships will be on the agenda with this eclipse. You are entering a new era not only in your personal relationships but also in all your human relationships. If you have learned to establish balance and draw boundaries in your relationships, you are likely to receive the reward of this period. This process will lead single Aries to marriage. Aries people who have problems in their marriage may decide to separate. You can change your job or end your existing partnership. You can turn to a new line of business and establish new partnerships. It is possible that you will experience important developments in your career, but if you have learned to say “we”, not “me” this time, you will be able to turn this process to your advantage. If you have learned to manage and manage, you will become a leader. There is an increase in your spouse’s financial income.

TAURUS: With this eclipse, your business life, daily routine and health will be affected. Taurus people who complain about their jobs will change their jobs. Tauruses who do not fulfill their responsibilities may face situations such as dismissal. Unemployed Taurus people can get any job they want. How well do you fulfill your responsibilities in your business life? How consistent are you in your business relationships? These questions will come to you with the eclipse. Taurus, who are bored with their daily routine, will organize their work that they cannot organize, thanks to the eclipse. You may encounter problems in your love life and with your children. You should pay attention to your health and it will be beneficial for you to have a health check, especially regarding your waist and kidneys.

GEMINI: With the positive effects of the eclipse, your love life will be joyful and colorful with the accompaniment of drums and pipes. We are talking about a very flirty periodJ lso, the person who will enter your life may be your karmic spouse with a past connection. There is sky support for Geminis who want to become parents, but they should not act very carefully as there are risky situations due to the south node. This is the period when you will be very active in the social environment, show yourself on stage and make a name for yourself, but be careful of possible scandalous situations. It is possible for you to receive training that will improve your talents and turn to performing arts with these trainings. The decisions you make about your children during this period will be for their benefit. It is also possible for you to direct your children to art.

CANCER: The eclipse will be effective in your home and family area. It is very normal for you to feel stuck in these matters because with the eclipse, there will be new beginnings that will benefit you in these areas. You will be in a new life cycle as disagreements within the family lead to endings. It is possible in situations such as house changes, house buying and selling, but it is useful to be careful to avoid problems after the transactions. It is also a suitable period for healing karmic situations from past lives. It is possible that the problem between you and your sibling/s will be heard or known. It will be beneficial for you to pay attention to the internet environment. You may experience headaches when doing internet-related work.

LEO: The eclipse will affect your areas such as siblings, cousins, close relatives, close circle, communication, education, press, travels, internet, social media, traffic. You can buy a new car. You should be careful in traffic and it will be beneficial for you to have all the maintenance done on your car. Business agreements, contracts and signatures will be on your agenda. You are also in a very active period mentally. The sky’s support is with you for new projects. This is especially a good time for you to get education, go to courses and improve yourself in a certain subject. You can go on business trips and make new connections. There may be situations where there are financial problems between you and your siblings and these problems grow even more due to lack of communication. If you learn to balance your communication and communication language, you will not encounter any obstacles on your way to victory.

VIRGO: The eclipse takes place in your material space. Your agenda will be your financial resources and expenses. You can increase your income by acting rationally and taking the right steps. When investing, it will be beneficial for you to make a hasty decision. You are in a period in your career life where you will have to start from scratch and you will have a hard time doing it, but then you will climb the steps three or five at a time. It is possible that there will be changes in yourself along with your career. Some situations regarding inheritance and your siblings will disturb you greatly. Be careful about the comments and correspondence you make on social media. The doors of the period in which you will receive your karmic dues in financial terms have opened for you.

LIBRA: The eclipse in your sign will affect you the most. The cycle in your life that started in 2004 ends with this eclipse, and a new cycle awaits you in which a huge change will begin. Your appearance, health, nutrition, image, behavior and expectations from life will all be restructured. While these changes are taking place, it will be to your benefit to leave your essentials to the flow of life and not to be stubborn about these issues. Those who have problems in their marriage can decide to separate, and single people can get married. There will be situations such as new relationships and new partnerships. Whether or not you achieve balance while these are happening will depend on the lessons you have or have not learned from the events that have happened so far. You should pay attention to your health, and those with kidney problems should get their checkups. Problems such as kidney stones may also occur suddenly.

SCORPIO: The eclipse will be in the area that concerns your secret affairs in the background, your secret enemies, the schemes going on behind your back, your psychology, your subconscious, and karmic related situations. You can see the real faces of the people around you and learn the lies they tell you. Your karmic friendships that dig behind your back may end. You must face your fears and turn within yourself. During this period, you should focus on meditation and renew yourself. After what you experienced during the Taurus-Scorpio eclipses, you will be starting a new era as a Scorpio who is smarter and knows what it wants. With the support of Saturn, you can start training on spiritual studies. This period will be a healing period for you.

SAGITTARIUS: The eclipse takes place in the area that concerns your social circle. You can take part and work in areas such as organizations, associations and foundations. You will part ways with the unnecessary circle of friends who call you when they need you and do not only know how to give and take. It seems likely that you will enter a new and wider environment that will contribute something to your progress. You can make your name known with the steps you take to realize your dreams and get the support you expect from those around you. It is possible that you will experience unexpected developments regarding your career. It is possible that someone who stays in your background and is not on your mind may have platonic feelings for you. Positive developments regarding situations involving your home and family seem likely.

CAPRICORN: The eclipse will take place in your career area, and with this eclipse, you will enter a period in which you question your career, your life purpose, and therefore yourself. In fact, we can say that this is the pain of changing your perspective on life. There will be situations such as promotion, starting a business, changing city or country. You may decide to settle abroad or your workplace may send you abroad. It seems likely that situations such as establishing a new order or even getting married will come into your life. It is useful to pay attention to the contracts you sign for foreign-related business. It is possible that you will also make starts regarding academic education. It is also possible that there will be confrontations within the family that will make you nervous.

AQUARIUS: The eclipse takes place in your field of higher education, abroad, foreigners, foreign related affairs, legal affairs, travels. You can start the education you dream of and complete the education you left unfinished. You can expand abroad, find foreign partners and receive financial support. While doing all these works and signing documents such as agreements and contracts, getting legal support will prevent you from incurring losses. It is possible that you will start a relationship with a foreign national. It is also possible for your child to go abroad or start education abroad. In communication-based work, you have to be in front of the stage and introduce yourself on social media related to your work.

PISCES: The eclipse will take place in the area of your inheritance, alimony, spouse’s financial income, joint earnings, bank, loans, checks, promissory notes, debts and occult issues. Legal processes can be initiated for inheritance or alimony situations, and already started legal processes can be concluded. You may experience endings or new beginnings regarding your bilateral relations or partnerships. It is a suitable period for joint investments, but it will be beneficial for you to be very careful about every document you sign. It seems likely that you will experience some confrontations as well as financial problems with family members. You can start training on occult subjects, or even deepen on these subjects and turn them into a profession.

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