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14-20 August Week And Lion New Moon



We start the week with Venus-Chiron trine (positive). Ending resentments, reconciliation, and repairing the wounds in the heart will be on the agenda. If we use Chiron correctly, the wound in us will cease to be a wound and heal both ourselves and our environment. Venus, in its general meaning, rules love, affection and materiality. The positive aspect it will make with Chiron will give material and spiritual help with the creative power of love. Helping those in need will be healing for all of us with the power of divine love to create. On August 16, 2023, there will be a Venusian New Moon at 23 degrees Leo. Although Venus is Retro, we will see its positive support. The disadvantage here is that the egocentric behavior of the Leo sign will be a problem. Let’s ask what we don’t know or understand, let’s try to be objective. If we’re not in the know-it-all mode, we shouldn’t have any problems. During the new moon, tension in the Venus-Jupiter square relationships and breaking of the tense ropes may occur. We can witness the return of ex-lovers by asking them to account. On August 16, the Sun-Uranus square (challenging) will tell us to be ready for anything at any moment. We may feel like we have a bomb inside of us ready to explode. This is Uranus, you don’t know what it will do J Do not argue with anyone, try to stay calm as much as possible. Again, on August 16, the Mars-Uranus triangle (positive) will bring unexpected sudden surprise developments into our lives.

Let’s come to the effects of our rising signs,

Aries: It will be a week where you will enjoy material and moral surprise developments. Staying away from unnecessary ego and jealousy in bilateral relations will enable you to take an advantageous position. In order not to fray your relationship, leave the situations of jealousy to taste. Your financial assistance to children during this period will destinedly support you in opening unexpected doors. There may be sudden unexpected situations regarding your children. During this period, it would be in your best interest to take care of your children closely. Aries, who have problems in their relationship, can break the ropes suddenly. Those who have broken up can also suddenly start over with their former partners.

Taurus: While you have settled the problems between you and your family, it is possible that you will suddenly spoil it with the influence of Uranus. Avoid making sudden reactions during this period. Don’t act without thinking. I say don’t get up with anger and sit with hurt. Do not act without considering the pros and cons while making decisions about your family order and home. It is also possible that you will have problems with your landlord or tenants. You can decide to start sports with your spouse or partner. This decision will be very good for your health. You need to lose the weight you have gained as soon as possible. With the support of your spouse or partner, you can feel safe during this period.

Gemini: There may be disruptions in the plans you make with your relatives (brother, cousin, spouse, friend, etc.). It is possible that you will receive the fateful effects of the material and moral assistance you will give to your relatives in the future. You are in a period where you need to be careful in traffic. Even if you do not make a mistake, you may be in a difficult situation with the fault of the other party. Therefore, be extra careful to prevent both your own and the other party’s mistakes. Do not delay your vehicle’s service, inspection and insurance processes. Pay attention to your communication language and do not engage in egocentric attitudes. If there has been a disruption with a business you have started before, it is possible that there will be new developments related to that business. Surprise developments are possible concerning your business life.

Cancer: There are developments related to your material resources. The job that you took a step in the past and left unfinished may come to your agenda again. Avoid establishing business relationships with your friends. You are in the position of being harmed. Be mindful of every step you take in trading. Pay attention to all kinds of goods, properties, belongings that you will invest money in. It is in question that you will receive the fruits of the financial and moral support you will give to your family in your career life. Developments related to property inherited from your mother or father seem likely. Getting support from your children during this period will change your prejudice against life.

Leo: The New Moon that will take place in your sign will make you, who are always bright, shine even more Both your business, career, appearance and private life will be affected. It is possible that problems with your close circle (brother, cousin, neighbor, spouse, friend, etc.) will come to the fore again. Again, with the old partnerships coming to your agenda and the completion of your unfinished business, you will step into the new one. Surprising developments await the Lions working in the family business. There will be important developments regarding the issues they expect. Leo signs, who make plans to go abroad, are in the period when they are supported on the subject. There will also be foreign-related commercial activities.

Virgo: The New Moon in your 12th house will reveal how many secrets there are. Both your secret works and the works that are turned behind your back will come to light. It seems likely that you will also face your secret enemies. You are in the period when your worries about the future come to an end. Your foreign-related business and your financial problems will be on track this term. It is possible that you will handle your commercial and bank-related business without any problems. It is possible that the money you have crossed out about your business will come. Virgos who make an academic career will experience some developments that they deserve but do not expect. There are sudden departures from abroad regarding both scholarships, grades and fields.

Libra: Your circle of friends may change, but you may not get the attention you expect in this circle. Or you may be ostracized from the group because of your actions. If you are working in institutions such as foundations and associations, you may have problems with the works you have neglected. You will have some difficulty in expressing yourself, but it is possible to get the positive support of your karmic rewards from the past. You are in a period when you are drawn to secret partnerships and secret relationships. Avoid things like hiding money from your spouse or secret business deals from your business partner. In the future, it will definitely appear and put you in a difficult situation.

Scorpio: The New Moon in your career house starts a new cycle in your career and status. In your career life, you need to stay away from egocentric behaviors and file yourself. Your biggest problem is your ego in your career life, which will rise even more with the New Moon. You want to change your job, where you live and your environment. Change starts inside first. Unless your mindset changes, your life will not change. Unless you take responsibility in your family life, business life, and private life, it seems unlikely that you will get out of the whirlpool you have entered. You may receive job offer news from your old workplace. You will also receive this job offer through a friend.

Sagittarius: New trainings, foreign-related jobs, travel, new projects will be on your agenda. There may also be situations such as moving abroad. It is possible that an old problem that concerns your business life will come to your agenda again. It seems that the problems in your love and social life will continue. Old loves can knock on your door. It will help you clear your mind for a while, albeit for a short time. But the main thing is your ex or platonic love in your head. It’s about getting close to either a platonic person or one of your coworkers.

Capricorn: There are some changes regarding your investments that concern your business life. You can get unexpected support from unexpected places such as credits and checks. If there is an inheritance that you cannot get, or whatever property is stolen from you by fraud, it is possible to return to you. You can expand abroad in trade or expand your family business abroad. Capricorns who live abroad and whose family is in their homeland will receive a positive response from the initiatives they will make regarding their families. Capricorns with heart, vascular and circulatory disorders should pay attention during this period. This is not the right time for Capricorns who want to have children and take up hobbies.

Aquarius: A new page will open in front of you in your bilateral relations and partnerships. You can part ways with your family circle or people you partner with. You are torn between your family and your spouse. You are in a period of unexpected good developments in the commercial sense. Your partner’s support is also with you in this regard. You may be in some debt, but in the future you will settle all of them. Aquarius signs with long-term relationships may want to take a step towards marriage, but this period is not suitable. We do not recommend that you take any steps in this regard before Venus goes retrograde.

Pısces: Your business life, daily affairs and issues related to your health will be on your agenda. Stress at work can affect your health. Unemployed people can get a new job or get an offer from your old workplace. Siblings, cousins, your close circle may ask you for help with business. You may have problems with your commercial connections and bank loan issues. There are unexpected surprise developments in money, business matters, education and travel. Pisces signs, who have health problems related to the heart, blood vessels, circulatory disorders and feet, should be careful.

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