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Week Overview Between 12-18 June



On June 11, 2023, Mercury will enter Gemini from the houses it rules. This means that we have a month ahead of us in which communication will be more comfortable and our ability to express ourselves will increase. Relationships will relaxJ This transit will be a period when our mental activity also increases. In this period, we will be more willing to learn, there will be cases of starting new trainings, making commercial ventures or increasing commercial activity. Again on June 11, heavy brother Pluto temporarily enters Capricorn. We may feel as if we have returned to the boring, suffocating environment, that the old, outdated, things that should have been destroyed have come to life again. Whatever is out of time will end and change when the time comes. We are in the final phase of this change. Pluto will pass into Capricorn for the last time and will complete its service to the spirit of time and continue on its way by destroying everything that has expired. This process will continue until January 2024. On June 11, the Mercury-Pluto trine becomes definite. This aspect will be a time when we will feel more confident in expressing our thoughts effectively and defending ourselves. Effective for -5/+5 days. Again, on June 11, there is a Venus-Jupiter square. It is a period of time when we are open to making erroneous investments and are available to make financially damaging decisions. Effective for -5/+5 days. On June 15, Mercury-Saturn square becomes definite. It is a period in which we will try very hard to get our thoughts and ideas accepted. Differences of opinion will be a period of time when conflicts of opinion will occur. Effective for -5/+5 days. On June 16, Saturn will be in the S position, and on June 18, it will be in the Retro position. We may have to review our thoughts that we blindly defend and believe in. There will be a period in which the mistake/mistakes we have made will catch our eye. Saturn will exit retrograde on November 5, 2023 and continue its journey in Pisces. When reading the interpretations of your rising horoscope, pay attention to the dates above.

Let’s come to the reflections of our rising signs;

Aries: Mercury’s transit in Gemini will relax you in the field of communication. You can think faster and make quick decisions. If you are dealing with trade, you are in a period where you will gain profit. Again, you are in a time when you are lucky in matters such as press, communication and organization. The Mercury-Pluto trine will also support you in these matters. You can get support from your siblings and close circle. It is a suitable period for those who are at odds with their siblings to improve their relations. Pay close attention to the people you do business with or in your business life on the dates when the Mercury-Saturn square will occur. Pay attention to every step you take at that time. Be on the lookout for hidden enemies both in your business life and in your circle of friends.

Taurus: Pluto in your career house has started to retrograde towards your 9th house to change and transform your career again. It comes to give you one last chance to complete whatever you have left unfinished in your works such as academic education, graduate studies, foreign and international affairs, litigation, press publications. The arrival of Mercury, the ruler of your money house, instead of your money house, will bring you luck in financial matters. The Mercury-Pluto triangle will also support you in this regard. You will earn money from communication issues. Or you will receive business support from people you keep in good communication with. Mercury-Saturn square warns that you should be careful about higher education, foreign and international related jobs, career and friends. Pay attention to your communication language on the dates I have given in order not to have problems in your social environments.

Gemini: With the transit of your ruling planet Mercury in your sign, you have a month ahead of you where you will be supported in every way, your communication will flow like water and your intelligence will become more practical. In particular, the Mercury-Pluto triangle will direct you to a more active, more productive communication. If you have bank, loan business, Pluto’s support will be behind you. Venus-Jupiter square will force you to learn and accept some events that your siblings, cousins, friends and close people have hidden from you or that you do not know about them. Again, it is useful to pay attention to traffic accidents during this period. The Mercury-Saturn square, on the other hand, indicates a period of time when you will make an extra effort to get people to accept your ideas and thoughts.

Cancer: As Mercury enters Gemini, be prepared for siblings, cousins, and people in your close circle to do things behind your back. It is possible to make secret agreements, secret agreements on press and communication issues. Perhaps you will have to make a collusion contract. It is possible that you will get financial gains related to the developments in your career or that you will experience. Being active in your social circle can put you in financial difficulties, be careful with your expenses. With Pluto entering your house of partner, dual partnerships for the last time, it will force you for the last time to go over what you’ve been through, to finish what needs to be finished and close the page, and to prepare you for the new one on these issues. The Mercury-Pluto triangle will support you in order to strengthen the communication between you and your children. Venus-Jupiter square work-friends and family members, pay attention to the people, do not lend money to anyone, etc. financially.

Leon: You are in a period where you are very lucky in love, career and education. You are in a period where your social life will be colored and your communication between friends will accelerate with the transit of Mercury into Gemini. With Pluto returning to Capricorn, whatever you have left unfinished or outdated in your business life, daily affairs, jobs related to your employees and health issues, will make a final touch and open the door to new things. In this configuration, the support of Mercury will be behind you. Venus-Jupiter square is preparing to put you in trouble regarding your egoic roars. Leo signs, who have trimmed their excesses, will get through this square without difficulty. Be careful with the bank, credit issues. Those who use passwords or online banking systems should be careful.

Vırgo: Mercury is your career house in Gemini, and now you have the word There are possible situations such as promotion in the career field, starting a business. While the Mercury-Saturn square will force you with your spouse, your job and partnerships, the Mercury-Pluto triangle will support you in areas such as your love life, children, hobbies. (pay attention to the dates in the description). You will either complete whatever you have left unfinished, such as plays, the subjects you take risks, and stage performances, or it will be completely demolished and make room for the new. Venus-Jupiter square There will be some disruptions in your affairs related to money and academic education. The expected money may be delayed a little, or some deficiencies in your work may put you in financial difficulties.

Libra: With Mercury entering the sign of Gemini, your communication traffic on subjects such as academic education, international affairs, abroad will accelerate. And your initiatives on these issues will have a high probability of positive results. Pluto’s return to Capricorn has returned to destroy everything you have left unfinished about your family and home that needs restructuring and that does not serve the spirit of the times. The entry of your ruler, Venus, into Leo will cause all eyes to turn to you. There are situations such as invitations, projects, friendships with well-known people. Venus-Jupiter square can put you in financial difficulties. Don’t be a guarantor, be careful with your passwords. Mercury-Saturn square can cause communication problems in your business life.

Scorpio: Having Mars, your ruler, in your career house can bring you a raise or promotion. You may have unexpected gains. With Mercury entering the Gemini sign, you will be relieved financially, and if you have bank loans, debt, alimony, inheritance, etc., these issues will be resolved. With Pluto’s return to Capricorn, he will either complete or reconstruct the unfinished issues in the fields of siblings, cousins, relatives, close circles, media and communication. Mercury-Pluto trine will support you in trade and communication and will provide financial gain. Mercury-Saturn square can bring additional expenses related to your children, siblings and family. Married Scorpios may experience a difficult process with their spouses financially. Since it will be a short-term effect, it would be in your best interest to correct your relationship without further delay.

Sagittarius:  There is a period ahead of you when your communication with your spouse and partners will be problem-free. With Pluto’s return to Capricorn, your money house is about to take its final shape, release whatever is not keeping up with the spirit of time without resisting Pluto so that this destruction is not painful. The Mercury-Pluto trine will support you through your partner and partnerships. Mercury-Saturn square, on the other hand, indicates some troubles in the family. The fact that your ruling planet Jupiter is in your 6th house may have brought about an expansion in your work life and an increase in your daily workload. Venus-Jupiter square, on the other hand, may cause problems in academic education, foreign and international affairs, and may cause additional costs and force you a little.

Capricorn: With Mercury entering Gemini in your 6th house, communication in your business life will flow like water. You can get a new job, get a job offer. If you have projects related to your business, now is the time to complete them. The final return of Pluto in your sign may remind you of past experiences. Since 2008, Pluto has been in Capricorn and it wouldn’t be wrong if I said that he created you from the beginning, wouldn’t it? Do not be afraid, this is the end… The next Capricorn journey will be in 250 years. Just be patient until January. Mercury-Pluto trine will support you in your business life. Mercury-Saturn square will force you in the area related to your siblings, relatives and close circle. If you are dealing with trading, be careful on the dates when this square will occur.

Aquarius: With Mercury entering the sign of Gemini, you have a period in front of you when your problems related to your love life and children are resolved, you will take time to improve yourself, you will acquire new hobbies, and you will be at the forefront. It is also a suitable time for Aquarius signs who want children. With Pluto returning to Capricorn, you may be feeling a little distressed spiritually. The Mercury-Pluto triangle will support you in solving your affairs in places such as hospitals, public spaces, closed spaces. Mercury-Saturn square can put you in a difficult situation with your spending. Be careful about this. You are likely to be stuck between family, friends and your spouse. Protect your financial and moral boundaries in these matters.

Pisces: You are in a period when the problems related to your family and spouse will be resolved, your communication will be more fluent on these issues, and you will express yourself more comfortably. Timing would be great if you have plan projects related to your home. You are in a lucky period in matters such as buying a house or selling a house. With Pluto returning to Capricorn, your friendships that should have ended will come to an end with one last try. If there is a group, there will be radical changes in your foundation work related to these issues. The Mercury-Pluto trine will support you in this change. On the dates of Mercury-Saturn square, you are in a situation of being stuck between yourself, your inner world, family and friends. You should be calmer on those dates and not take the next step without thinking deeply. Venus-Jupiter square will force you a little in financial matters in your business. It will be in your best interest to think and calculate every step you take, every decision you make, and proceed accordingly.

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