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Sagittarius Full Moon



There will be a full moon at 13 degrees Sagittarius on June 3, 2023 at 23.40 on the map based on Washington DC, and on June 4, 2023 at 06.40 on the map based on Ankara. This full moon will be on the Sagittarius-Gemini line, although it is a Sagittarius full moon. Gemini – Sagittarius relates to education, journeys, communication. The Sagittarius side is more about foreigners and academic education, religion, morality, philosophy, law. The fixed star sarin at 13 degrees Sagittarius is mostly related to poisonings. There are situations such as poisoning from air and gases, allergic poisoning, side effects of the drug we use. Of course, let’s be careful about what we eat and drink. The positive aspect of Mars to the full moon will ensure that we will use our energy correctly, and the negative aspect of Saturn will provide us with a good / bad return of the actions we have done so far. It will take place on the 6-12 axis of the Türkiye map. It will affect areas such as workers, service sector, health sector, doctors, army, soldier, police. There are situations such as death of old people in authority, unemployment, possible fires and poisonings in factories dealing with chemical gases. There are situations such as the disclosure of important confidential information, assassinations, pressing the button in events that will create some negativity in the state. On June 5, 2020, a lunar eclipse occurred in Sagittarius. In a personal sense, you can get the results of the works you started at that time. It may be possible for states to restructure the decisions they took at that time. The Sagittarius full moon, which will take place on the 1-7 axis of the American map, will show itself mostly in bilateral relations. A period in which it will harden its  language on international relations and make sudden unexpected departures. There is the emergence of some secret works and documents. Especially at a time when the opposition will be on the agenda.

Let’s come to the reflection of the rising signs:

Aries: It is a time when you should not shy away from taking responsibility. You should leave the fun and the love in moderation. You should stop criticizing everyone and everything around you and focus on your own issues and dreams. You can go into business and expand your business, but you should stay away from unnecessary risks. Media, communication, abroad, travel may be on your agenda. This is a period when you should move forward without risking your business in these matters. There are possible situations such as delays and delays related to travel.

Taurus: This is a period when you Taurus will be affected more financially. There will be a period when you will come face to face with the facts on issues such as debts, bank, alimony, common money and you will understand that you need to act according to your financial situation. It is possible that you will be mobbed in your business life and therefore change your job. It is not a very suitable period for you to enter the trade. This full moon tells you to take care of your money. Family problems, problems are also possible.

Gemini: This is a period where you will pass the tests regarding your relationships. You will decide to end your relationships that are boring, tiring, financially and morally damaging, in short, unpromising. You will throw off the relationship burdens on you and you will relax. You may encounter minor problems with your career. In fact, this full moon tells you that if you balance your relationships, it will be easy to solve the problems in your career. Get ready for sudden changes in your inner world. Unexpected, unexpected thoughts may appear in your mind. You might say why didn’t I think of this before.

Cancer: You may want to put your business life in order, or change your work environment. There may be some disruptions in your daily routine work. You have to proceed in a certain order in this regard. You must fulfill your responsibilities and do not delay any of your work and do it on time. Be very careful about what you eat and drink during this period. Beware of drug poisoning. Do not use drugs according to your mind. Beware of natural gas, gas-derived poisoning. Take care of your health. There may be sudden changes in your social circle. Your opinions about the people around you may change.

Leo:  As long as you do not fulfill your responsibilities regarding your love life, your problems will continue. Problems with your children, if any, will come to light. There are developments related to your career. You can open your own business and get a promotion. You can complete your projects and start working on new projects. You are likely to go on business trips. Pay attention to bank, loan, check, promissory notes, credit, debt events.

Virgo: It is possible that you will encounter problems related to your family, home, job, and customers. You should fulfill your responsibilities regarding real estate purchase and sale issues without delay. This includes vehicle purchases, taxes, etc. It is possible that you will go on a sudden unexpected trip abroad. You can learn that your siblings, cousins and people around you are doing business behind your back. A period of increased inner restlessness. Therefore, there may be problems between you and your spouse.

Libra: You are in a period where you will have problems with your siblings, cousins, neighbors and close circles. You may feel under pressure or you may encounter pressure from your close circle. Be very careful in traffic and have your vehicle taken care of. Do not make friends with people with whom you have commercial relations, do not vouch for anyone. Do not enter into business that you do not know about commercial matters. Do not act on unexpected, sudden offers without considering them very well. You may have unexpected expenses.

Scorpio: This full moon will tire you out financially. You may have to pay off debts of others that are not your own. Or you can form a partnership and get into big debt and find it difficult. It is better to stay away from risky ventures. I know everything in your business life, as I say, you should always get out of the right mode. If you have title deed, inheritance, real estate, loan, debt, alimony, you may have to deal with these issues closely. If you have children, you should take good care of them. Because problems may arise between you and your children.

Sagittarius: The full moon in your sign is calling you to responsibility in all matters. You should get rid of excess weight, and you should not miss the opportunities that come your way to quit your harmful habits. There are sudden endings and beginnings in relationships. You may start a relationship or get an offer with someone you see as a colleague. Some changes are possible in your job. It would be helpful to have your thyroid checked. Do your daily routine chores on time so that you do not have any difficulties in possible sudden unexpected situations.

Capricorn: This full moon will emphasize to you that you will have difficulties due to hidden games and tricks behind your back, that the plans and calculations you make will not work, and the account at home will not fit the market. If you have a disease that you hide from your environment or that cannot be diagnosed, it will come to light. Unexpected expenses may arise. You may have to deal with family problems. You may feel mentally tired and reluctant. You may feel like life is coming your way, you may feel unloved. This effect is temporary, remember that every difficulty on the path of evolution is temporary. What we receive, how we see and how we react is important.

Aquarius: You are likely to have problems with your friends, social circle, colleagues, foundations and groups you belong to. It is possible to question your relationships, perhaps to reconsider. You may come face to face with situations such as fulfilling your responsibilities in these matters, or the things asked of you exceeding your limits. Get rid of the dreamy, overhead and holiday mood in your business life. It’s good to be more realistic. Unexpected situations in the family are possible. Single Aquarius signs can introduce their partners to their families.

Pisces:  It is possible that you will encounter some problems related to your business life and career. You can change job or industry. You may need to review your relationships with authority figures in your life. It may be your family, it may be your boss, it may be older people around you. Be prepared for unexpected events related to your siblings and moves from your open enemies. You can change your house, there are some events related to your house.

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