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Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By You?




Today I will come to you with a book and movie recommendation. Although the article in the newspaper is about travel and fashion, I also want to write movie or book reviews. We analyze life not only by traveling but also by reading and watching because…

While I’m criticizing the movie for you, I want to ask you at every moment:

“Do I have to give up on myself for you to love me?” I ask you: “How many concessions do you make?”

The subject of my book and cinema critique is “SMELL”… There must have been audiences! For those who haven’t watched it, I suggest you watch it… It’s one of the most influential movies I’ve ever seen and always makes me think…

The subject is different from different perspectives. I adapted it to the present. My comment; I suggest that people watch this movie as an example of naturalizing lynching to show themselves.

In popular culture; people risk everything to stand out, to be noticed, to be popular; For the end of the road, I say watch this movie again…

In my opinion, it is an important mirror for people from all professions and all ages.

My life philosophy should be to live every moment of life with quality! Without breaking, without spilling; sometimes giving way if necessary, but always with kindness…

As for the plot of the movie:

The name of the movie is “PERFUME” and its main subject examined; “What Can Be Odorless Make a Person Do the Most?”

Considered Patrick Süskind’s masterpiece, the novel Fragrance takes place in the city of Paris in the 1700s. The novel narrates the events of its protagonist, Jean Baptiste Grenouille, from the moment of his birth. Grenouille, who was born next to a dirty fishing bench, spends his childhood in different homes after his mother’s death. However, he is not accepted by anyone because he has no smell. He steps into his early teenage years as an unloved and unloved child. His amazing talent, which he soon realizes, changes Grenouille’s life after his extraordinary efforts. The protagonist, who starts working in a perfume shop, soon develops himself beyond the level of mastery. After proving his success, he leaves everything he owns behind because he is bored with people and smells. Do you think Grenouille will find what he’s looking for in the distance? What if what he desires is a terrifying passion? I recommend you watch it and I ask you again. “Do I have to give up on myself for you to love me? I do not think so ?

Have a good week everyone, hope to see you on our next travel route…


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