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Scorpio signs are one of the most interesting signs of the zodiac. When Scorpio is mentioned, one should stop. It is the 8th house sign of the zodiac. death and rebirth. It is the depth of life. They don’t experience anything superficially. Every event in their life involves change and transformation. If their life philosophies are transformed, they will not be forced. . They experience pain and difficulty to the fullest. They like to manage other people’s money. They are very successful in this. They are successful in the business world, but often have problems in bilateral relations. They make money for others. They make good detectives. No matter what they are dealing with, they investigate the event down to the smallest detail and go to the bottom, to the deepest. Sexuality, lust, passion, ambition, obsession, grudge, jealousy are related to Scorpio. It is a very powerful transformational sign that breaks what it holds, never misses anything, is scheming from time to time, and does not forget good or bad. They are charismatic and attractive. They are called mysterious in the environment they enter. They can be overly controlling. They say what they have to say directly, but they are not tactless either. Sometimes they do it to hurt you. It is a stable and water group sign. Although they may seem arrogant sometimes, they actually appear that way because they don’t like to go out too much. They like to be more introverted. They do not share everything with everyone. They have limits and are not flexible. Scorpio shows death, loss, crisis, transformation with crises. Mars and Pluto are the rulers of Scorpio. Mars rules in Classical Astrology and Pluto in Modern Astrology. I control both planets when it comes to Scorpio. Mars and Pluto work strongly in Scorpio. The Moon and Venus are damaged in Scorpio. Uranus is lucky in Scorpio. Saturn does not like Scorpio. Karmically it means great change and transformation. Those with Asc, Sun and Moon signs in Scorpio and planets in Scorpio have to learn to manage the crises in their lives. They must be used to this situation. Planets in the 8th house show problems from karma. All 12 signs in the zodiac are 29 degrees Scorpio. Apart from being manipulative, Scorpio signs can interpret and tell events in their own way. Our 2nd chakra, our sexual chakra, which we call the Sacral chakra, is related to Scorpio energy. Our sacral chakra is located 2-3 fingers below our navel.

Scorpio is divided into three in itself:

0-10 degrees Scorpio-Scorpio: They are real Scorpio signs. The most dangerous are Scorpio-Scorpions. It gives excessive ambition, anger, dominant character traits. Professions such as accountant, researcher, writer of horror novels come out of Scorpio-Scorpio. Retro or not, planets in Scorpio are connected with karma. Uranus Scorpio gives luck in getting out of karma. Pluto in Scorpio means uncontrolled power. İt must learn to control. If  it  abuses power, it continues to create karma. All planets in 8 houses show Scorpio influence. Accounts are asked from them.

Between 10-20 degrees Snake-Scorpions: Doctors, surgeons, healers, phytotherapists, psychiatrists come out of this group. They use their powers to benefit humanity. Some scorpions can be healing, some can be harmful. Scorpios are highly perceptive people, but how they use it is important here.

Eagle-Scorpions between 20-29 degrees: Those who have Asc-Sun-Moon placements at these degrees are Eagle-Scorpio. They give the characteristics of trainer, teacher, inventor and prophet. They are very experienced souls in death and rebirth. They are mature souls. They have the power to transform the people around them. They have already gone through the process of change and transformation many times, and they have experienced death and reincarnation many times like a phoenix. They are souls that are conscious and cognizant of everything. In short, they are spirits in charge. Mars at 20-29 degrees in 1st House Sc, Jupiter, Saturn stellium again gives Eagle-Scorpio and is very rare.

The moon is damaged in scorpio

Mars is strong as ♂ rules Scorpio.

Venus is damaged in ♀︎ Scorpio.

Mercury is deep in Scorpio, the mind works deeply.

Jupiter in Scorpio creates detective, military and detective events.

Saturn in Scorpio creates great transformations and crises.

Neptune in Scorpio is spiritual, death and rebirth.

Pluto in Scorpio is extremely authoritarian, trying to show its power to the people around it for its own place. İt  has the power to change the people around it.

Since they are Uranus-Neptune-Pluto generation planets, they also have an effect on Earth. They work on a mass basis.

Scorpio- The sting reflex in Scorpio stings itself when it realizes that someone else will harm it.

Snake-Scorpion changes its skin and undergoes transformation.

Eagle-Scorpio is going through the biggest transformation and is finally being reborn.

When the Eagle-Scorpio reaches the average age of 70, it will either die or be reborn in pain. In order to be able to hold on to life again, it will first pull out its nails, then pluck its feathers, finally smash his beak against a stone and writhe in pain for about 4 months. After 4 months, it will wait for its feathers, nails and beak to grow again, and during this time it will feed from its own stock. This is how the scorpion transforms, after causing itself pain, it completes its transformation and is reborn from its ashes. In other words, it is the phoenix bird.

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