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Ways To Be Courageous



To be more courageous, the first thing I need to say is; It will be to be able to get away from our own safe space. We need to take steps to be happier and realize our dreams. Sometimes small, step-by-step, sometimes long steps. We don’t necessarily have to run, what we need is bold and calm steps. It may sound easy while writing, but let’s think about it a little bit…

We hear the phrase “If you want it, you can do it” everywhere. When we say that we want to achieve something, our family, friends, teachers, psychologists, and everyone who gives motivational speeches, says “If you want, you can do it”. However, it is not enough just to want to achieve some of our goals on the path to happiness. Change and transformation are needed, some helpful emotions should accompany us on this path so that we can move forward. Because change is a painful process, the end is happy but the beginning needs courage.

What we need to have to be brave;

– Having self-confidence

– Knowing our strengths

– Being stable

– Reduce stress

– Set a goal

– Studying different scenarios

– Make sacrifices

– Getting out of your comfort zone

– Coping with anxiety and fear

I want you to ask yourself these by one to create self-awareness. How self-confident do I have? Am I sure of this decision? What are my strengths? What are my fears and concerns? And ask similar questions to yourself, this is an effort to raise awareness. You will come to important conclusions about yourself, your path will be enlightened.

I want to talk a little bit about fear and anxiety. While the two are similar, they are quite different. The feeling of fear is real, it has been exposed to danger. However, anxiety is a learned emotion. Anxiety is a reaction to what has not yet happened. The time we spend worrying about events that have not happened yet steals a lot of time from our life and energy. However, time is our most valuable asset.

You should increase your awareness of your situation, psychology, and goals and find ways to be brave. Because courage is not just about preparation, eventually you have to take action. And recognizing these feelings will help you stay calm. Build the framework of your goals. Use the data you have effectively because it turns into positive and negative emotions; it speeds you up or slows you down on your way. That’s why it’s important, your self-awareness will map your path and you will find the treasure within.

What I write to you here is to shed light on your path. Of course, you can take this light and use it wherever you want. You can also use it to change the color of your hair or to wear a different color jacket, but you, try to reach the treasure deep within you. There are many decisions in life that we must take with courage. It takes a lot of courage. For example; getting married, applying for a job, deciding to become a mother or father, taking steps to lose weight, deciding to divorce, starting writing… Sometimes it takes courage to even express our true feelings…

I want you to go back and look at your life story. Think about the times when you felt or saw that you accomplished the most. Close your eyes and go back to that moment of success. The moment you pass an exam, the first time you hold your graduation diploma, or, if you have one, your baby in your arms… It all happened with a single step that you decided, and you felt that magnificent moment right in your chest for the rest of your life, you succeeded. As I write in most of my articles, destiny is in love with effort and the key to effort is courage. Thoughtfully taken, strong steps will lead you to success, and the sum of your successes will be your greatest wealth.

Most people like to take their time. Because it is easy to procrastinate and stay in a safe space. However, time passes and there is nothing better than achieving your dreams before time leaves us. Behaviors such as indecision and stagnation are only the thieves of our time… Wisely… Bravely… Endeavor… Now it remains to plan the steps so that we will be more successful and freer. Be the hero of your world. Ignite your desires and take action.

Ozlem Tuna

Sociologist / NLP expert / Seminar and Speaker

For Consultancy and Communication;

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