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Shrink In Size During The Crisis In a Healthy Way



Dr. Aysegul DEMIRAG

You saw the headline and thought it was related to economics, didn’t you? But actually, what’s this article all about is healthy eating. For sure, the positive effect of healthy eating on long life is unquestionable. The researches show that we can be fully protected from lots of diseases by only eating right. Even if we’re careful about consuming good food alone all the time, sometimes some life situations (psychological traumas, changes in hormones, or side effects of some medicines, etc.) can put us into overeating or “the hungries” as we may also call it. Especially, when we’re feeling down, we continue eating despite a full stomach. At first, we start eating and consume a normal proportional meal to satisfy our physiological hunger, but the next part that we continue eating is all about satisfying our psychological hunger. If we manage
our nutrition well enough in such periods, it’s possible to pay less for our overeating. To put it another way, we can be protected from the harmful effects of the psychological hunger period as
much as possible. 

Experts have some useful tips for these kinds of periods:

*Fill your fridge with high-fiber, healthy food.

*Put away all carbohydrate food and sugar from your kitchen.

*Add healthy snacks to your menu.

*Prolong the chewing process to make your food easily digestible and extend the eating process in order to satisfy your psychological hunger.

*Do long walks outdoors.

*Have hobbies that make you feel good.

*Weigh yourself every day and control your weight.

*Especially, it’s very important to get socialized, because we can be much happier when we’re social and it makes it possible to get rid of psychological hunger easily and fast.

Healthily and happily…

Dt. Ayşegül Demirağ

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