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Week Of March 20-26 And Aries New Moon



We will start the week with the continuing effects of Venus-Pluto, Mars-Neptune, Sun-Mars squares and continue with Mars-Pluto 150° angle. It will be a week where we will experience very interesting things. Between March 17-25, 5 planets will change signs. This is a harbinger that we have entered a very active, challenging and stressful time period. Of course, the most important of these planets is Pluto moving into Aquarius. On March 17, Venus entered the zodiac sign it rules, Taurus. The money aspect of Venus will be active. March 19 Mercury enters Aries, March 21 Sun enters Aries, March 23 Pluto enters Aquarius, March 25 Mars enters Cancer.

To briefly talk about the effects of planetary transits; Both bilateral relations and partnerships established when Venus is in Taurus are built on solid foundations. Even if you have a relationship that doesn’t work out, the ways part ways. Solid relationships get stronger and come to fruition.In financial terms, Venus Taurus is abundance, gain. It is a good time for land related initiatives. When Mercury is in Aries, it is a period when communication flows fast, quick thinking and quick decisions are made. Beware of! Let’s not act fast, let’s not say everything we think to the other person. If we are not be unkind we will not spoil our work that is going well. Let’s not send e-mails and messages to the wrong places while moving fast. Let’s choose the words we will say to the people in front of us carefully and talk like that. When the Sun is in Aries, a new astrological period begins. The Spring Equinox begins with this cycle. It is a time when we will be more individual and give more importance to
ourselves. Of course, let’s not be egoistic and selfish. We’ve talked about the Pluto Aquarius transit before. When Mars is in Cancer, we can become a little lazy, be too emotional, lack of motivation, low energy, indecision are possible. Mars is our life energy, our power to fight life. Mars is declining in Cancer, not happy. If we move forward without acting emotionally and concentrate ourselves on work, we will use the energy flow correctly. If Mars-Pluto aspect is 150, events such as sudden communication problems, outbursts of anger, nervous breakdowns, fires, explosions are possible.

In the natal chart of our country (TR), the Moon will be in 29 degrees Gemini and the 12th house, Mars in transit in Gemini and will pass over our natal Moon. This means that it is possible for the people to overcome the difficulties, to increase the reactions of the people and to revolt. There may be some problems with prisons. With Mars passing through Cancer, there may be events such as military stirrings, operations, assassination attempts.

Let’s come to the Mercury New Moon, which will take place on March 21 at 0 degrees Aries; During the new moon, there is a tense aspect between the Sun-Moon-Mars. In this aspect, we are likely to encounter the rude and selfish behavior of the people around us. Having 0 degrees is of particular importance. Let’s not do things that we are novices and do not have experience with without doing a thorough research, there is a high probability of making mistakes. It is possible to change their minds in the works we have decided. When we come to the general effect of the rising signs;

ARİES: You are in a period where you will take care of yourself and increase your self- confidence. You may want to start a business, you may receive a partnership offer, but it is better not to get excited and act in a hurry. You can have your health checks done.

TAURUS: You are in a period of spiritual change. You may prefer to stay behind the scenes more in the works you do/will do, or you may learn that your project has been given to someone else and that secret works are being done behind your back. You may also be attracted to secret relationships.

GEMİNİ: You can change your environment, you have the ability to enter new circles and become popular in the circle you enter. You can take the lead in groups, foundations, organization works. You can be selected in the selections you enter.

CANCER: You are in a period where you will make new beginnings in your career, but the point you need to be careful about is not to get into inexperienced jobs. Not saying yes to every offer. It would be better for you to progress in your own field.

LİON: You can enter foreign-related businesses, import and export. You can travel. If you have pending lawsuits, luck is on your side.

VİRGO: If you have debts, you can pay them and find the necessary resources. Possible developments regarding your spouse’s financial resources or inheritance.

LIBRA: It is a case that those who have a serious relationship make their relationship official, those who are not in a relationship start a new relationship, but this relationship is short-lived due to the possibility of a hasty decision. Therefore, it is not a very suitable period for a new relationship.

SCORPİO: You can make new beginnings in your business life, you can acquire a new business environment. You are in a period where you will pay more attention to your health.

SAGİTTARİUS: Your love life can be active, you can fall in love. Your desire to have children may increase. It is possible that you will start a new hobby and this hobby will become your routine over time and maybe your future job.

CAPRİCORN: You can make some decisions concerning your home. There are situations such as renovating your house, moving, buying a new house. Another possibility is that you may want to move abroad and start a new life there. You were quite bored, overwhelmed, everything came upon you. Now is the time to relax. Pluto will enter Aquarius on March 23, even if it is 3 months, you will take a deep sigh.

AQUARİUS: You are in a period where there will be developments regarding your siblings, cousins, neighbors. Pay close attention to your communication language. Do not make unnecessary conversations and comments. Beware of traffic accidents. You can buy, change or sell your car.

PİSCES: You can get a raise in your salary and you can be profitable in your investments. You are in a period where you are very lucky in financial matters. You will get money.
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