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Chiron is the son of Saturn, the lord of time, and Philyra, the Sea Sprite. Actually, Saturn is married to Rhea and is in love with Philyra. Saturn continues to live their love by transforming himself and his lover into horses so that Rhea does not hear. From this union Chiron is born. But what is that? Born half human and half animal, with the upper part human and the lower part horse, Chiron’s mother Philyra was ashamed and abandoned Chiron to the depths of the forest. The Immortal Chiron is claimed by Earth Mother and Apollo. Chiron learns about Healing, Mathematics, Astrology, Divination and everything related to Life. It is most famous for its healing. It produces special medicines using plants and heals incurable wounds. Chiron is not actually a wound as described, but a healer of the wound. People thinkthat they will be hurt, tested and unlucky in the house and sign of Chiron. This is a very wrong way of thinking. Chiron says to us, “Do you want to suffer or turn pain into peace by helping each other” and represents the common sense in man. Chiron returned to us on November 1, 1977 to assist us in our evolution. Chiron is a centaur orbiting between Uranus and Saturn.

We all have a different purpose of birth. Just as we all have karma, we also have dharma. The message that Chiron is trying to give us actually says “help, each other’’ so that your pain will turn into peace”. Here the choice and preference is ours. We will either say fate and submit to pain, or we will turn the pain into peace by helping each other and we will be happy with what we make happy. Pain and happiness are in our hands. The goal here is to turn the negative into a positive. It is our choice to not accept every negativity, every difficulty and pain that comes our way in our struggle of life and evolution, and to act with the thought of how we can turn it into goodness and beauty, and to direct our lives in this direction. We exist by our choices.

First Advice: “It advises us to know our animal side well and learn to live on Earth in our most skillful way. On the other hand, Chiron says that we are divine beings and that we need to know Astrology and divination in order to reach the Gods. Chiron who creates in the unity of heaven and earth tries to teach us to see wisdom. Chiron alone is like a ladder that leads us to the Gods” (Sevgi Alis Yıldırım, Chiron Infinite Goodness, 2021, p.42).

The placement of Chiron in all of our natal charts is important. Because it gives information to whom we should do good. It is important to act in line with this information and to do the good we need to do to the right person at the right time.

Two major earthquakes that occurred one after another in the Republic of Turkey, in my country, cost thousands of lives and left thousands of us homeless in this cold weather. Our loss, our pain is so great, words and sentences are not enough to describe. We all strive to help, but sometimes help can cause chaos and do more harm than good. As far as I can see, there is an aimless cry for help. It is essential that the aids be continuous, not all at one time. For this, my dear teacher, Sevgi Alis Yıldırım, asked our students to practice Chiron Infinite
Goodness. We look at the goodness and help they need to do and are in their natal charts to anyone who wants, and we provide information on this subject free of charge. Chiron Practice of Infinite Goodness: For example; If Chiron is in Aries in the natal chart, the person will regularly donate food and diapers to a baby between the ages of 0-1.5 every month for 1 year. While doing this, we do not establish any bonds with the baby and the family. Of course, the details of this are hidden in the aspects in the natal chart. This is a general example. (Source: Sevgi Alis Yıldırım, Chiron Eternal Goodness)
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